The Israel Journal of Entomology is now indexed in Scopus. Given the Open Access nature of the journal, its raising profile and an increased number of submissions, the publisher has decided to introduced moderate page charges for accepted manuscripts that will be submitted from 1 January 2022. 

Core Charges

Page charges per one page: 7 EURO, or 8 USD, or 25 NIS.
Please note that the above prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax), which may be charged when applicable.

Publication fees cover article processing costs associated with the editorial process, layout, publication and dissemination, and ensure a free (Open Access) and instantaneous distribution of articles to the readers on the day of publication. The authors submitting manuscripts to the Israel Journal of Entomology benefit from:

  • Online submission and editorial management system;
  • Rigorous peer-review, scientific editing and mild language editing, assistance with preparation of the graphics, and meticulous proofreading;
  • Personalized editorial assistance from the moment when the manuscript is submitted through to its appearance as a published article on the journal Website;
  • Enhance readership through publishing abstracts in up to two additional languages;
  • Full-color (at no extra cost) high-resolution images in both electronic version and hardcopy prints;
  • Rapid publication process, usually within 2–3 weeks after a manuscript is accepted for publication;
  • Registration of all new taxa in ZooBank, GlobalNames, Wikispecies and other appropriate aggregators;
  • Archiving of PDF files of all articles in the Zenodo archive according to provisions of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Archiving of printed journals in legal archives;
  • Immediate distribution of published articles to scientific databases, indices and search engines (BIOSIS previews, Google Scholar, DOAJ Content, EBSCO, Scopus and Zoological Record);
  • Author’s retention of copyright and distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Special Issues

Dedicated issues give project coordinators an opportunity to publish a series of articles under a common theme and editorship as, for example, Festschriften or Gedenkschriften. Conference organizers are also encouraged to use this option to publish peer-reviewed proceedings. We offer 5–10% discount on the entire cost of production of special issues. For further details, please contact our Editorial Office.

Discounts and Waivers

Authors can apply for discount or waiver at the time of the manuscript submission if they meet the conditions listed below. The Israel Journal of Entomology will not consider such requests made during the review process or after acceptance.

Discount of 10% is offered to:

Scientists (not retired) who are not affiliated with an institution.
Graduate and PhD students if they are first and corresponding authors of a manuscript.
Scientists residing and working in lower middle-income countries ( if they are sole authors of a manuscript.
Editors and reviewers of the Israel Journal of Entomology during 12 months after fulfilling their duties.

Discount of 50% is offered to:

Retired scientists who sole authors of a manuscript and who are neither affiliated with an institution, nor have access to research funding.

Waivers (once per year per author for manuscripts no longer than 16 printed pages, or for the first 16 pages of a longer manuscript) are offered to:

Retired scientists who sole authors of a manuscript and who are neither affiliated with an institution, nor have access to research funding, and who are editors or active reviewers for Israel Journal of Entomology (>1 reviews provided during the year prior the manuscript submission).
Scientists living and working in low-income countries (, if they are sole authors of a manuscript.
Active members of the Entomological Society of Israel, whose dues are fully paid.

Discounts and waivers do not accumulate.