About the Journal

The Israel Journal of Entomology is an international peer-reviewed journal established in 1966, which publishes original contributions in all areas of entomology and has a world-wide scope. Authors are entirely responsible for statements, whether fact or opinion. Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that they have not been submitted elsewhere for prior or simultaneous publication. Manuscripts are reviewed by at least two independent referees before acceptance. Authors may suggest referees for consideration. Reviewers will remain anonymous unless they request to be identified. Articles are first published online in Open Access as soon as they are ready; a hard copy of the journal is printed annually and contains reprints of papers published in the preceding year. All published articles are archived in Zenodo as from 2016.

Authors are invited to provide a translation of the abstract and keywords in any language, once their manuscripts are accepted for publication.

The Israel Journal of Entomology is indexed in: BIOSIS Previews, EBSCO, ROAD, Scopus and Zoological Record.